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Elementary Science e-Curriculum

Through a collaborative process, 3 dedicated elementary teachers created a variety of science chapters to be used in the MRVED schools.  The 2013-14 school year will be considered a pilot year for the chapters.  As you use the chapters, please use the feedback form link provided below to provide constructive feedback on each chapter.  Please be specific and constructive in your feedback.  The teachers worked extremely hard to make each chapter usable and aligned to the MN science standards.  Please note: There are more chapters on the way.  You will be notified when the other chapters are posted via the MRVED Update.  Please keep in mind that these chapters are teacher created, and not textbook company or scientist created.  They may contain errors.




Each chapter is provided in Microsoft Word and PDF format.  You may take the Word document and change anything you see fit.  The goal of these is for you to make them usable for you.  You will notice some resources can be used on the iPad, whereas other resources are better suited for a computer.  Feel free to use these chapters on a classroom set of iPads, Chromebooks, Desktops, Laptops, etc...  You may also print and distribute as you see fit.  Every attempt was made to make these usable on any device as well as for those without devices. 



Suggestion for Use on Devices:

As this section of the MRVED website is password protected, save the files to your computer and distribute to devices how you normally would any other Word or PDF file.  Do not give students your username and password to this section of the MRVED website. 


3rd Grade

Plants (Word File) 

Plants (PDF)


Animals (Word File)

Animals (PDF)


Sound (Word File) 

Sound (PDF) 



4th Grade

Water Cycle (Coming Soon) 



5th Grade 

Earth Changes (Word File) 

Earth Changes (PDF) 


Earth and Space Science (Word File)

Earth and Space Science (PDF)



Feedback Form