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Mission and Goals



The mission of the Minnesota River Valley Education District is to effectively and efficiently assist member districts in meeting the goals they have set for themselves, their students, and their staff.


Goal One: Educational Success

Implement a level of services that will lead to the educational success of MRVED’s various stakeholders.



We are committed to the development and implementation of high quality programs that enhance the educational success of the students and staff members of the MRVED school districts.


1.       Provide a broad spectrum of professional development activities that enable all staff members to grow in their professional craft.

2.       Work with member districts in the development of mentorship programs to develop the professional and leadership capacity of staff members within the MRVED school districts.

3.       Provide ongoing technology training to meet the varied needs of the member districts to keep staff and students engaged in learning.

4.       Through partnerships, provide high quality broadband connectivity to the MRVED districts.



Goal Two: Collaboration

Provide leadership for our member districts to connect the educational needs of each diverse school by focusing on staff and student success.



We believe that by working collectively as a MRVED district, we can efficiently increase opportunities and cultivate a culture of professional relationships.


1.       Provide opportunities for each district to collaborate and share resources to meet the needs of our students and staff to promote their success.

2.       Increase resources to benefit member districts.

3.       Continuously gather information from stakeholders to provide direction in identifying a common vision and identifying unmet needs.

4.       Recognize and facilitate collaboration between districts.



Goal Three: Engagement

Engage all member districts to increase awareness, connectedness, and enhance communication in an effort to foster a cohesive partnership for educators.



We believe investment by member districts is essential to MRVED’s success.


1.       Communicate in an effective and consistent manner with and amongst internal and external stakeholders

2.       Utilize multiple approaches to encourage connectedness across districts and facilitate collaboration

3.       Establish clear leadership roles and responsibilities to enhance participation and expectation of member districts

4.       Inform and advocate use of the multiple MRVED resources/services