• (to be completed by counselor and given to student)

    MRVED Online Course Registration Form 2018-2019 (2019-2020 Coming Soon)

    1. Click on Registration form for (year specific).
    2. It will either open up in Adobe Reader or in a web browser page.  It just depends on your browser settings.  Either way is fine.    
    3. Complete the form by tabbing through the document and filling in every field (there are many drop down boxes so be sure not to skip any).  The tab function doesn’t work as well when it opens in a browser.  You just need to click in the sections it misses and complete the information.
    4. Your counselor has provided you with the above information so that you can fill in all of the blanks.
    5. You cannot save this form.
    6. Print it out.
    7. Obtain the necessary signatures and return to your counselor. 
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