MELT 2022 Information


·  First and Foremost, the WEATHER POLICY:  If the weather is inclement, any cancellation or delay relating to the MELT will be posted by 6:00 am on the WCCO website under ‘School Closings’. We will be listed under MRVED (just the initials). This will also be posted on WCCO’s TV channel (CBS).  It will also be listed on our MRVED website at under “Latest News”.

·  Enter through Door #5 (follow the walkway to the left of the eagle statue). The door has the number “5” on it.

·  Be sure to stop by the registration table in the commons area to pick up your registration packet (personalized agenda with session selections, room numbers, clock hours, and lunch ticket, if applicable). It will be in the alcove (by the pop machines) to the right of the doors as you enter. We have over 600 people picking up packets so if you would say your name when it is your turn or simply find your own registration, it will go that much faster.

·  Please note that we will be spreading out registration tables throughout the Commons Area.  Alphabetical signs will be posted.  Please respect the personal space of others when picking up your registration packet and during lunch. 

·  Breakfast will be available when you arrive, compliments of your administration.  Breakfast will be available until 8:40 a.m. 

·  The first session will start promptly at 8:40 a.m. 

·  Please DO NOT switch sessions as the sessions become overcrowded and there will not be enough seating for everyone.

·  Coats - The bleachers will be down in the gym for you to leave your coat.  Please pick up your coat after lunch and bring it with you to your last session as the janitorial staff will begin cleaning up.

·  Dress in layers. The commons area (morning refreshments and lunch) could be cool because the main doors are there and people are always coming and going. In addition, some of the rooms could be warm or cool depending on the number of people in the session.

·  Coffee and hot water for tea/hot chocolate (you must bring your own tea bags and/or hot chocolate packets) will be available all morning in the commons area.

·  Lunch - There will be 2 lines so that lunch can be served in a timely fashion. Both lines will form around the outer edges of the commons area, NOT down the middle. You MUST have your lunch ticket to go through the line. If you have misplaced it, see Katie Raymo at the registration table.

This year, to help with social distancing, participants will be able to eat lunch in the classrooms.  Please be respectful to LqPV and make sure there is no food dropped on the floor and all garbage is placed in the garbage can.

·  If you are not eating the meal provided by LqPV, we suggest you bring a bag lunch.  Per Minnesota Department of Health regulations, bag lunches CAN NOT be stored in the school’s cooler/refrigerator.  Food CAN NOT be heated up in the school’s kitchen either.  You may either carry your lunch with you or leave it in the gym with your jacket.  The school is out in the country and nearby towns are not close enough to allow you to drive there, eat a relaxing lunch, and return in time for the afternoon session which begins promptly at 1:00 p.m. 

·  Please be aware that there is poor cell phone reception inside of LqPV school.

·  An electronic evaluation will be sent out on Tuesday, January 18th. Please complete it as soon as possible. We listen to your suggestions and feedback.

·  If you are attending a networking session during the day, remember there is no “expert” presenting at these sessions. This is a time for you to bring items (websites, lessons, apps, projects, etc.) to share with others. The facilitators in these sessions are simply to provide guidance and order to the session.

·  There will be rooms available for nursing moms. Check with Pam Weber, in the high school principal’s office, for availability.

·  Here are the session times in case you are not arriving right away in the morning. 

o Session 1: 8:40-9:40 a.m.

o Session 2: 9:55-10:55 a.m.

o Session 3: 11:10-12:10 p.m.

o Session 4: 1:00-2:00 p.m.

·  There will be students located throughout the building to assist you in getting around the building.

·  The students will be selling pop and candy in the hallways for your convenience.

·  There will be press at the conference taking photographs or video.  Presenters may be taking photographs or videos as well.

·  Face coverings/masks are strongly encouraged, but are not required at this time.  If you feel unwell or have any COVID symptoms, please stay home.  Please note that we will not be providing masks.

·  We ask for your patience and understanding in the case that a presenter(s) becomes ill at the last minute. 



If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at 320-269-9297 or  The MRVED staff and presenters have been working hard to make this a great conference!


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